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Design, Build, Landscape and Maintain Gardens and Water Gardens throughout north London -

We specialise in full garden reconstructions and operate throughout London and the area within the M25 although we will seriously consider work farther afield

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This lawn is ony 3 days old

Using turf is the quickest way to get a lawn, but it needs careful preparation and aftercare. Turf is  best laid in late winter/early spring when the ground has not dried out and the growing season is approaching. They can be laid later in spring through to late summer but they will need more attention to ensure that they do not dry out. In more northern areas, the best times are early spring to mid summer.
Rolling out turf is the fasted method of lawn laying
Turves should ideally be laid within 24 hours of delivery, any delay over 48 hours increases the risk of the grass turning yellow or the turf drying out before being laid - 3 days should be considered the absolute maximum in ideal conditions.

Turf is usually supplied in rolled up length, 3 foot by 1 foot by 1.5 to 2 inches, they can be heavy to handle especially during wet weather.

Meadow turf, is turf cut from an ordinary meadow. It is the cheapest type to purchase but will contain mixed grass types and weeds. It is quite hard wearing so is suitable if children or pets are going to use it.

Specialist turf as supplied by us,is a much better quality, it comprises a known type of grass suitable for lawns, it should not contain any weeds.

If the turves are laid in hot weather, they will need to be watered - preferably using a sprinkler to give a gentle watering. For the first season, watering should be carried out during hot, dry periods. Any problems should be visible by the grass losing its colour.

Keep playing children and pets off the lawn for the first season, turves are transplanted plants and need time to recover their full strength.

Newly laid turves should not be mown until it starts to grow, and even then, the mowers should be set high for the first couple of cuts, and then reduced over the following three or four cuts.

About  Us

We have been plantsmen since 1969 and have been constructing and building gardens since 1983. 

Our craftsmen oriented team are led by Gerald and Wedad Jennings who are both extremely experienced in all aspects of garden landscaping. Wedad specialises in the planting sector, while Gerald, who is a world renowned expert on fishes, enjoys the pool construction  and water gardening aspect in addition to much other construction work, some examples of which we have illustrated on this site. 

We operate anywhere within the London Orbital Motorway (M25) but are also able to offer some of our services to customers outside this area.

We design and construct for both individuals and major corporations

All work is carried out using the highest quality materials and approved techniques at the lowest possible price to you, the customer.

We are always busy, so enquire as early as possible and we shall be pleased to build your dream garden space.


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Lawn laying (turfing) can be done quickly for an immediate result – grass seed takes a little longer.  Scroll to the bottom of thos page fpr some turfing tips.

Brick walling
Patios and new walls can also enhance your garden area as do ponds and new water features. Fishponds and nature ponds attract wildlife and we are very experienced in pond and pool construction


Basic gardening such as path cleaning, pruning, shrub, hedge and grass cutting and ivy removal can also considerably enhance your outdoor space and a children’s play area incorporation a tree house or other unique feature can greatly benefit all. Tree houses are best in large gardens.
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